Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not so long ago, and pretty close by..

After the better part of a year running the unwieldy Marvel Heroic RPG, a change was in order.  A new Good Games (FLGS) store has opened up in town and with the change in scenery has come a change in game.

Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: Edge of Empire is certainly more of a traditional RPG but uses a fashionable dice pool mechanic and funky dice.  I'm hoping to write a little review after I’ve put a few more sessions under the belt.

The move to a more tactical based combat system has allowed me the opportunity to knock out a few pieces of terrain, some modular desert tiles purchased from DriveThruRPG mounted on mat board and finally get a bit of use out of the 200 odd Star Wars pre-painted figures in my collection.  I had originally intended to re-paint all of the SW figures (madness) but may settle for touching up a few that suffer from factory paintjob retardation.  

The rock pieces are made from bits of styrofoam, cut up and glued with PVA to mini-cds before being gunked with a combination of texture paste, burnt umber craft paint, fine ballast and PVA glue.  After drying, the pieces were dry brushed with a buff coloured craft paint.

They should work for 15mm as well as 28s.