Friday, January 10, 2014

Belial, Devil

Belial sat on a shelf for some time before being finally completed over the holidays.  I'm very happy with the undercoat on this figure; Tamiya "Italian Red" (I think!) in a spray can.  I let some of the glossy, metallic red undercoat show through around the brass sections more so by accident than design (my usual method..).

This and Harapan's bases were adorned with flower tufts I purchased from Martin at Tajima1 Miniatures - -.  Easy to apply, no glue needed.  Originally intended for a Samurai project that is gathering dust!

Harapan - Tsunami Relief limited edition

My annual painting spurt began over the 2013 Christmas break, ending a many month drought.  Not that I've been entirely idle as I've recently been inspired by Foundry and Jake Thornton's release of God of Battles;  A fantasy wargame which has quite obviously been inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Battles but which simplifies movement, has a low unit model count (usually 12 to 16 figures per unit) and most pleasingly... all of the rules are in the one big, colour hardback book! More on that when I start posting some units.

Would fit in nicely with Monkey Magic! 

Relic - Boardgame Busts

Leather brown Army Painter spray, base coat and a little highlighting before thinned Army Painter Strong Tone applied with a brush and thinned with mineral spirits, usually on whilst on the model, allowing for more control.  My standard method these days.

Painting in a larger scale was a lot of fun and has inspired me to try my hand at more busts in future.

"What?  Why are you standing there?"

"Look, I'm trying to rest between takes you pleb"

"Haven't you seen a man with no appendages before?!  I'll bite your legs off!"