Sunday, January 6, 2013

Space Ork Nob in Mega Armour

After an annus horribilis, I have returned to painting and blogging and the first cab off the rank is a fella that I painted earlier in the year but never got around to basing.  4 more to go!

  I'll be fielding him in a 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 Space Orc force at some point.  Why 2nd ed?  Well, if I was being entirely honest, it would be for reasons of nostalgia.  My first foray into 40k (having started with Epic Space Marine and Space Crusade) was very late in the Rogue Trader days.  In fact, we never called it Rogue Trader, everyone knew the game as 40k.  Before I knew it a new edition was out (some things never change) and with it, a big box of plastics and some wacky, yet well organised rules. 

Since the days of 2nd, I've found that in an effort to simplify and speed up the game, a lot of the actual fun of playing has been lost.  Everything seems to be "4+ to Hit, 4+ to Wound, 4+ to Save".  Sort of just endlessly flipping a coin.

The pendulum seems to be swinging in the other direction for 6th edition but it is a little too late for me.  Make mine 2nd!

I painted the Nob by my now usual technique of spraying brown, base coating, dipping and matt varnishing.  In this case, I applied chips to the armour with Vallejo steel prior to the dip. I used a chestnut Dulux wood stain rather than Army Painter as my dip as I wanted a dirtier look.


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